It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #71

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey meant to highlight books you read in the past week, and what you’re planning on reading this week.

This week was a little rough because I got sick midway through Monday. I’m still working off the congestion, sneezing, and sore throat, but I’m not nearly as run over as I had been. For some reason, I always feel really guilty when I have to miss work. Maybe it’s because we don’t have “designated” sick time: where I work, if you need to stay home sick, you do. There’s no “you get 8 hours of sick time a month.” It’s kind of on the honor system, I guess? Anyway, the lack of allotment makes me feel a little awkward.

I don’t know that I’ll be posting much in the next two weeks. It’s because I got a big time job interview and I need to prepare for it. Like most academic librarian interviews, I need to prepare a presentation to do in front of the entire library staff. Not intimidating at all, right? Trial by fire, I guess. Sooo, I need to prepare a powerpoint presentation, and then work on polishing my delivery. The interview is also on the opposite coast of where I live (I live in New England, it is in California), so there will be quite a bit of airplane time involved. Fingers crossed, though, because it sounds like a great job!

Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version by Philip Pullman
Big Ray by Michael Kimball
Family by Micol Ostow
The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting
Chime by Franny Billingsley (audiobook)

Continuing to read:
Dare Me by Megan Abbott (audiobook)
Afterlives of the Saints by Colin Dickey

Hoping to finish:
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone by Stefan Kiesbye
Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

What are you reading this week?

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13 Responses to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #71

  1. Really likin’ the Grimm Fairy tales coming out in YA fiction now. There are so many I didn’t know and the new take is pretty refreshing.

    The Brunette Librarian’s Blog

  2. Nise' says:

    I got that same cold last week! Best of luck on the across country job interview!

  3. SO many people are reading Raven Boys… I should have started it this week!

  4. Pussreboots says:

    The Raven Boys sounds interesting. My favorite book this week was Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. Please come see what I’m reading now.

  5. Marie says:

    How are you not panicking about that job interview? I haven’t been on a plane in years either.. so that in itself would freak me out. (*I’m not helping much, am I??)
    So, I wish you tons of good luck and I hope you get the job! I once wanted to be a librarian too, so I’ll let you live my dream =)
    I’ve seen The Raven Boys a lot today!!
    Here’s my Monday post.

    • Audrey Audrey says:

      I’m trying not to panic. I’ll be more panicked the closer it gets :-) I fly pretty frequently, so that doesn’t bother me. I’m from Southern California, so I fly across country whenever I want to go home and visit family.

  6. First off, best of luck in the upcoming job interview! Just go in there with a crap ton of confidence and you’ll knock their socks off!

    I really enjoyed the Grimm fairy tales review–I’m always game for checking books of that nature out. I just finished up with a really cool historical fiction/thriller called “Terminal Freeze” by Lincoln Child and the YA hit, “The Maze Runner,” by James Dashner. I’m reading a new series (The F.R.E.A.K Squad) right now, so we’ll see how that pans out.

    Have a great week!

  7. Gabriel says:

    I’m a new follower who wants to say congrats on the interview and good luck!

    It seems like a lot of bloggers are sick. I think my allergies are about all I could handle right now. I just started a second job and I don’t know what I would do if I caught a cold/flu/plague/the Ebola virus.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I hope you’re feeling 100% better very soon and I’m sending you bunches of good luck vibes for your interview! Exciting!

  9. I am wishing you tons of luck for your interview – it sure sounds like an intimidating process!

    I hope you are enjoying your reads this week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck with the Power Point. I am sure all will go well.

    This is an online power point….it is impressive. I used it in my classes.

    Good luck.

    Silver’s Reviews

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