2 Days Until Halloween

Deadly Treats: Halloween Tales of Mystery, Magic, and Mayhem, edited by Anne Frasier

Published by Nodin Press
Released August 15, 2011
192 pages
Where I got it: Public library
Rating: 3 stars

In this collection, 21 stories, all by different authors, give insight into Halloween’s many faces. There are heartfelt stories, funny tales, paranormal adventures, and actual scary stories. Halloween traditions figure prominently in the stories, including trick-or-treaters, parties, and even visiting a graveyard on Halloween night.

None of the stories in this anthology are very long, so it’s a good one to pick up if you just want something quick to put you into the Halloween spirit, or something to read as you wait for trick-or-treaters to come to your door. Plus, if one isn’t doing it for you, you can either read it quickly, or move on to something that’s more your style. My favorites were:

“World’s Greatest Dad” by Stephen Blackmore — a criminal father is brought back from the dead by his two sons

“Friday Night Dining with Marianne” by Mark Hull — a cranky food critic dines at a very special kind of restaurant

“Motherly Intuition” by Julia Buckley — Daphne’s mother watches over her daughter, even after death

“She Came on the October Wind” by Jason Evans — a young woman receives nightly visits from a black cat, stirring memories of her absent sister

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Deadly Treats

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