Review: A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler

Published by Flux
Released May 1, 2010
288 pages
Where I got it: Public library
Rating: 4 stars

Aura has always felt like she and her mom were alike.  They both looked the same at the same age, and they both are very artistic.  That’s why Aura is so afraid when she looks at her mother–she thinks she’ll wind up being schizophrenic too.  Aura sees art as the source that feeds the disease, and the more art her mother produces, the worse her hold on reality becomes.  Aura must struggle to take  care of her mother, even in the face of the fear that the one thing she needs will destroy her as well.

A Blue So Dark is a powerful book.  It draws you in from page one with intense, poetic writing.  Aura’s story is extremely painful.  The reader can see what potential she has, and how much she loves her mother, but it seems like life has taken a very bad turn for the worse.  Her father is no help, having abandoned his family when her mother’s illness became too much.  I felt compelled to keep reading, no matter how dire Aura’s situation became, because of the hope I felt on her behalf.  I hope others will stick it out, too, because the story has a believable, positive resolution that is made even sweeter by the darkness that precedes it.

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